Table II

Surgical Procedures (N = 49) Performed According to Patient Age and Sex (M/F)

ProcedurePatient age, yr
Triple arthrodesis only2/M1/M, 1/F4/M2/M
Triple arthrodesis, extensor digitorum and hallucis longus transfer2/M, 2/F1/M
Triple arthrodesis and Achilles tendon lengthening2/M4/M3/M
Achilles tendon lengthening only2/M, 2/F4/F2/F
Ankle arthrodesis1/M
Plantar aponeurectomy2/M
Pseudarthrosis revision (talonavicular and calcaneocuboidal)3/M
Correction of claw toes2/F
Staple removal1/M2/M
Adductor and psoas muscle tenotomies and obturator nerve neurectomy2/F2/F