Table 1

Evaluation of Articles to Determine Incidence of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) (5)

Is the study group defined (specification of denominator)?Information is required to specify the study population: patients would require injuries to > 1 system, and injury severity scores must be available. To document the true risk of DVT, study patients should not receive heparin prophylaxis.
Is the study prospective?Accurate determination of incidence would require prospective evaluation of a defined group of patients.
Is objective documentation of DVT available (specification of numerator)?Diagnosis of DVT requires objective documentation.
Articles were selected if patients underwent duplex scanning or venography for diagnosis.
Is the follow-up period defined and adequate?Incidence rates are stated in terms of a defined period of time. Articles were selected if a defined follow-up period was stated and patient follow-up was comprehensive.