Table 4

Studies involving patients who underwent splenectomy for refractory thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

StudyNo. of patientsSurgical methodNo. (%)Follow-up, mean (range), mo.*Comment
DeathsComplicationsFailure to respond to splenectomy
Thompson and McCarthy232Open01 (50)04, 8Complication: Staphylococcal infection
Evans et al.242Open00012, 12
Schneider et al.256Open02 (33)011 (6–14)Complications: pneumonia and postoperative hemorrhage
Liu et al.75Open001 (20)18 (8–36)
Wells et al.82Open0006, 36
Hayward et al.2613Open2 (15)Not reported020 (6–67)Two deaths following splenectomy, specific cause not reported
Winslow and Nelson.276Open00021 (6–38)
Rund et al.132Open001 (50)21, 86
Mant et al.287Open1(14)01 (14)29 (18–37)One patient failed to respond and died of TTP
de la Rubia et al.142Laparoscopic00011, 26
Schwartz et al.152Laparoscopic01 (50)1 (50)Complication: postoperative hematoma in splenic bed
Rosen et al.299Laparoscopic02 (22)1 (11)13 (1–30)Complications: 1 diaphragmatic tear and 1 retroperitoneal hematoma
Aqui et al.196Open000147 (72–176)
Kremer Hovinga et al.211Not reported00046
Kappers-Klunne et al.59Open1 (11)1 (11)1 (11)92 (28–201)One patient did not respond and died of TTP postoperatively, 1 patient developed a pulmonary embolism postoperatively
Total744 (5)7 (10)§6 (8)
  • TTP = thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura.

  • * Or the number of months in studies with 1 or 2 patients.

  • Follow-up included in patients with relapsing TTP from Table 3.

  • Includes 1 laparoscopic case.

  • § Excludes Hayward et al.,26 who did not report the complication rate following splenectomy.