Table 1

American Association for the Surgery of Trauma Organ Injury Scale for abdominal vascular injury (9)*

Grade IUnnamed superior mesenteric artery or superior mesenteric vein branches. Unnamed inferior mesenteric artery or inferior mesenteric vein branches. Phrenic artery/vein. Lumbar artery/vein. Gonadal artery/vein. Ovarian artery/vein. Other nonnamed small arterial or venous structures requiring ligation.
Grade IIRight, left or common hepatic artery. Splenic artery/vein. Right or left gastric arteries. Gastroduodenal artery. Inferior mesenteric artery, trunk, or inferior mesenteric vein, trunk. Primary named branches of the mesenteric artery (such as ileocolic artery) or mesenteric vein. Other named abdominal vessels requiring ligation/repair.
Grade IIISuperior mesenteric vein, trunk. Renal artery/vein. Iliac artery/vein. Hypogastric artery/vein. Vena cava, infrarenal.
Grade IVSuperior mesenteric artery, trunk. Celiac axis proper. Vena cava, suprarenal and infrahepatic. Aorta, infrarenal.
Grade VPortal vein. Extraparenchymal hepatic vein. Vena cava, retrohepatic or suprahepatic, aorta, suprarenal, subdiaphragmatic.
  • * Applicable for extraparenchymal vascular injuries. If the vessel injury is within 2 cm of the organ parenchyma, refer to the specific organ injury scale. Increase 1 grade for multiple grade III or IV injuries involving more than 50% vessel circumference. Downgrade 1 grade if less than 25% vessel circumference laceration for grade IV or V.