Table 1

Catalogue items from 1 total knee arthroplasty

1000 mL bag (empty) of Ringer’s lactate solution1
2% chlorhexidine antiseptic solution bottle (empty)1
20 mL Luer Lock syringe2
50 mL antibiotic fluid bag (empty)1
500 mL bag (empty) of NaCl solution1
Cement mixing stick1
Cement mixing system and tubing1
Cement mixing system gun1
Cement powder bags2
Face shield2
Facial oxygen mask with tubing1
Glove liners2
Marking pen2
Moulded inner packaging for joint prosthesis8
Sterile light handle covers2
Vicryl suture pack9
Wrapper (outer) for surgical gloves23
Wrapper for 1 L Tis-U-Sol container1
Wrapper for 1000 mL bag of Ringer’s lactate solution1
Wrapper for 20 mL Luer Lock syringe2
Wrapper for 500 mL bag of NaCl solution2
Wrapper for cast padding1
Wrapper for Cement Erythromycin Kit2
Wrapper for cement mixing system1
Wrapper for disposable surgical gown with inner paper4
Wrapper for elastic bandage1
Wrapper for filter straw1
Wrapper for flat epidural1
Wrapper for glove liners4
Wrapper for hypodermic needle1
Wrapper for jet lavage tip1
Wrapper for limb positioning device1
Wrapper for marking pen1
Wrapper for saw blade1
Wrapper for skin stapler1
Wrapper for sterile knee pack1
Wrapper for sterile light handle covers1
Wrapper for stockinette1
Wrapper for suction irrigator1
Wrapper for suction irrigator tip1
Wrapper for syringe1
Wrapper for tourniquet2
Wrapper for U-drape1
Wrapper for surgical air warming blanket1
Wrapper for Webril1
Wrapper for wound drain1
Bed sheet7
Gortex sheet4
Green sterile towel31
Small unsterile towel1
Surgical gown1
Cardboard box with paper manual for Cement Erythromycin Kit2
Cardboard box with paper manual for joint spacer (articular insert)1
Miscellaneous paper5
Wrapper (inner) for surgical gloves23
Biohazard waste
12” × 12” sponge7
2250 mL suction fluids (filled)1
8” × 4” gauze6
Electrocautery and suction irrigator with tubing1
NaCl bag and tubing1
General nonrecyclable waste
Adhesive backings5
Blue sterile wrap1
Bulb syringe (for irrigation)1
Disposable surgical gown4
Elastocrepe dressing1
Excess cement (mixed and activated)
Extremity drape1
Foley catheter kit1
Gauze pads5
Gauze roll1
Mayo stand cover1
Miscellaneous tips2
Shoe cover1
Spinal anesthesia kit1
Sterile surgical gloves46
Surgical air warming blanket1
Surgical face mask3
Table cover3
Virox wipe2
Moulded inner packaging for joint prosthesis3
Tis-U-Sol 1 L container1
Irrigation tubing container1
Bovie tip1
Drain trochar1
Glass vial6
Needle tip5
Red sharps container1
Scalpel blades3
Suture needles13
Sterile blue wrap