Table 4

Outcomes for patients with tumours smaller than 2 cm in diameter

OutcomeGroup; no. (%)*p value
Lobectomy, n = 96Wedge resection, n = 33
Tumour recurrence26 (27.7)8 (26.7)0.92
 Distant; brain, bone, adrenal112
 Regional; mediastinal or hilar lymph nodes63
 Local; within lung parenchyma93
Overall mortality24 (25)6 (19.4)0.52
Complication; prolonged air leak18 (18.9)2 (6.1)0.10
Length of hospital stay, mean d7.96.20.043
Tumour diameter, mean cm1.61.50.13
  • * Unless otherwise indicated.

  • χ2 test.

  • Mann–Whitney U test.