Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty for ankylosed hip joints

CharacteristicNo. (%)*
No. of patients (no. of hips)47 (76)
 Male29 (62)
 Female18 (38)
Affected side
 Right36 (77)
 Left40 (85)
Age, mean (range) yr53 (22–72)
Duration of disease at time of surgery, mean (range) yr7.5 (5–9)
Patient follow-up time, mean (range) yr5.5 (2–11)
Presence of hip flexion contracture67 (88)
Cause of ankylosis
 Rheumatoid arthritis9 (19.1)
 Tuberculosis of the hip6 (12.9)
 Sequela of the septic arthritis7 (14.9)
 Anklylosing spondylitis16 (34.0)
 Osteoarthritis5 (10.6)
 Hip trauma4 (8.5)
  • * Unless otherwise indicated.