Table 3

Surgeon characteristics

CharacteristicEarly adopters, n = 18Late adopters, n = 13Overallp value
Year of graduation, median1984198819840.13
Operating room hours per wk, median109100.26
Endoscopy hours per wk, median4440.73
Cosmopolitan nature
Annually attend 6–10 surgical conferences inside Ontario, %2831290.46
Annually attend 1–5 surgical conferences outside Ontario, %7869740.66
Other surgical innovations
Attempted or performed a laparoscopic colon resection for benign or malignant disease in the last 12 months, %5662580.74
Positive opinion on the current direction of the health care system in Ontario, %1123160.37
Positive opinion on the current direction of colorectal cancer surgery in Ontario, %5685680.09
  • * Respondents answered using a 5-point Likert scale. Codes were collapsed for the analyses. Percentages based on positive responses (codes 1 and 2) versus neutral or negative responses (codes 3, 4 and 5).