Table 4

Predictors of SF-36 Mental and Physical Component summary scores

Predictor variablesMultivariate analysis
Mental Component summary score
R2 = 31%
Physical Component summary score
R2 = 21%
βp valueβp value
Older age*−0.020.75−0.28< 0.01
Disability claim*0.110.18−0.010.90
Ongoing litigation*−0.180.03−0.180.02
Fracture location*0.020.86−0.180.01
Time since injury−0.080.33−0.050.52
Technical outcome−
Open fracture*0.120.14−0.150.06
Global Severity Index*−0.50< 0.01−0.050.51
Positive Symptom Distress Index*−0.170.12−0.230.03
Positive Symptom Total*−0.250.09−0.080.33
  • SF-36 = Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short Form.

  • * Significant in the univariate model. Education was entered as a categorical variable (grade school, college, university); fracture location was entered as a categorical variable.