Table 1

Summary of the Criteria and Score Development for the Western Canada Waiting List Project Hip and Knee Replacement Priority Form

Revised tool
Jan. 29, 2000*
Pilot testing analysis (N = 405)
R2 = 0.681, R2 (adj) = 0.676
Tool refinement
June 26, 2000
Criteria, items/levelsNo.%ScoreWeightCriteria, items/levels
1.Pain on motion*4051001.Pain on motion
2.Pain at rest*4051002.Pain at rest
None29700No change
3.Ability to walk4051003.Ability to walk without significant pain
> 20 blocks13300> 5 blocks
11–20 blocks256001–5 blocks
5–10 blocks862144< 1 block
< 5 blocks2817077Household ambulator
4.Other functional limitations4051004.Other functional limitations
No limitations4100No limitations
Mild limitations992444Mild limitations (able to do most activities with minor modifications or difficulty)
Moderate limitations218541111Moderate limitations (able to do most activities but with modification or assistance)
Severe limitations84211919Severe limitations (unable to perform most activities)
5.Abnormal findings (orthopedic only)*4011005.Abnormal findings on physical examination related to affected joint
6.Potential for progression of disease1831006.Potential for progression of disease documented by radiographic findings
None16900No Change
7.Ability to work, give care to dependants, live independently (difficulty must be related to affected joint)4051007.Threat to patient role and independence in society
Not threatened or no difficulties14300Not threatened but more difficult
Not threatened but more difficult145360
Threatened but not immediately177441010Threatened but not immediately
Immediately threatened or unable69172120Immediately threatened or unable
  • These items were revised in January 2000. The original items and wording were as follows:

    • Q1. Pain on motion: none; mild/slight/or occasional; mild–moderate; moderate; moderate–severe; severe.

    • Q2. Pain at rest: none; mild/slight/or occasional; mild–moderate; moderate; moderate–severe; severe.

    • Q5. Range of motion on examination: no restriction; mild restriction; moderate restriction; severe restriction.

    • Q6. Other abnormal findings: none; mild; moderate; severe. (Q5 and Q6 were combined.)

    • Q7. Multiple joint disease: none; multiple, mild–moderate; multiple, severe. (Deleted from criteria form.)

  • Regression analysis based on 390 cases with complete data on all variables. In an analysis restricted to primary patients (n = 308), R2 = 0.712, R2 (adjusted) = 0.706.

  • Based on 183 patients scored with the revised tool.