Table 5

Compliance with components of the perioperative care pathways

Pathway; componentCompliance rate, %
Surgical site infection bundle
 Appropriate hair removalNRNR
 Appropriate antibiotic timing4792
 Appropriate antibiotic8396
 Blood glucose measurement2787
 Bowel preparation3978
 Isolation technique7686
 Wound barrier8688
 Antimicrobial sutures8688
 Antibiotic redosing if case > 4 h5662
 Temperature measurementNRNR
 Blood glucose measurement12
 Normothermia attained in postanesthesia recovery9380
 High-flow oxygen for 1 h266
 Blood glucose measurement2376
 Standardized wound care orders45NR
 Dressing removed on postoperative day 237NR
Enhanced recovery after surgery
 Preadmission counselling97
 Both doses of carbohydrate drink administered85
 Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis90
 Prophylactic antibiotic 0–60 min before incision93
 Oral antibiotic therapy80
 Goal-directed fluid therapy79
 Multimodal pain management79
 Normothermia attained in postanesthesia recovery93
 Multimodal antiemetic therapy80
 No abdominal or pelvic drains87
 Chewing gum by postoperative day 0 or 178
 Clear fluids started by postoperative day 0 or 177
 Intravenous fluid administration discontinued by postoperative day 0 or 113
 Prophylactic antiemetic for 24 h93
 Mobilization by postoperative day 0 or 187
 Mobilization 2 times per day by postoperative day 280
 Eating solid food by postoperative day 238
 Foley catheter removed by postoperative day 274
  • ERAS = enhanced recovery after surgery; NR = not reported (reviewers were unable to collect compliance for these variables); SSIB = surgical site infection bundle.