Table 2

Conditions or limitations under which respondents would allow patients to return to skiing after total knee arthroplasty

Condition/limitation*No. (%) of respondents
Limitations on speed and intensity29 (71)
Return of range of motion and strength in operative knee26 (63)
Years of downhill ski experience23 (56)
After 6 mo of rehabilitation13 (32)
Physiologic age of patient9 (22)
Type of total knee arthroplasty7 (17)
Only cross-country skiing2 (5)
Only with use of soft or rigid knee brace1 (2)
Other7 (17)
  • * Respondents could select more than 1 condition or limitation.

  • Includes full rehabilitation of quadriceps; graduated return; proper warm-up; no deep powder, major moguls or steep terrain; and patient’s full understanding that artificial knees are meant for walking, not skiing.