Table 2

Transfusion data between groups*

n = 31
n = 34
p value
Transfusion, no. (%)2 (6.4)5 (14.7)0.43
Total no. of units of pRBC transfused280.024§
  • pRBC = packed red blood cells; TXA = tranexamic acid.

  • * All patients receiving blood after study enrolment were included. Transfusion trigger parameters were hemoglobin level less than 70 g/L, or hemogloblin level less than 80 g/L with symptoms of hypoperfusion.

  • From Fisher exact test.

  • One patient in the control group who had a subtrochanteric fracture required an open reduction and received 2 units of pRBC intraoperatively because of hemodynamic instability (i.e., outside of the transfusion parameters), followed by 1 unit of pRBC on postoperative day 1. When the 2 units of pRBC given intraoperatively are excluded, the numbers of units transfused between the groups are no longer significantly different (p = 0.07).

  • § From χ2 test.