Table 2

Mean wait 1 and wait 2 times for delayed surgical treatment of traumatic peripheral nerve injury, April 2009 to March 2018, by Local Health Integration Network

LHINNo. of cases*Wait 1Wait 2
Mean wait, d% completed within targetMean wait, d% completed within target
Toronto Central278834983596
Mississauga Halton139843956589
South West83958855979
Central East32051783893
Hamilton Niagara
Haldimand Brant
Central West19667884096
North East112Low volumeLow volume8489
South East8421001998
North West72Low volumeLow volume2799
Erie St. Clair59269721100
Waterloo Wellington<_6Low volumeLow volumeLow volumeLow volume
North Simcoe Muskoka<_6Low volumeLow volumeLow volumeLow volume
  • LHIN = Local Health Integration Network.

  • * For LHINs with fewer than 6 cases, the number is suppressed as per Ontario Ministry of Health privacy guidelines.