Table 1

Comparison of baseline characteristics in patients undergoing parathyroidectomies between those who reported chest pain postoperatively and those who did not

Patient characteristicsPatients with chest pain (n = 14/295)Patients without chest pain (n = 281/295)p value*
Age, yr64.266.40.68
Female sex93%70%0.08
Cardiovascular risk factors6.1%4.6%0.56
ASA classification2.462.380.86
Length of OR stay, hr1.251.120.54
Length of hospital stay, d1.200.740.07
History of anxiety disorder21%4%0.02
  • ASA = American Society of Anesthesiologists; BMI = body mass index; OR = operating room.

  • * Calculated using Fisher exact test and Student t test for categorical and continuous variables, respectively.