Table 2

Decisional parameters surrounding contraleral prophylactic mastectomy

ItemNo. (%) of participants
How participant felt when making decision about contraleral prophylactic mastectomy
Unsure about what to do5 (50)
Worried what could go wrong4 (40)
Physical signs of stress4 (40)
Questioning what is important3 (30)
Distressed/upset2 (20)
Wavering between choices/changing mind2 (20)
Factors that made decision difficult
Lacked information about options, benefits, risks4 (40)
Lacked information on chances of benefits and harms2 (20)
Felt unsupported2 (20)
Felt pressure from others2 (20)
Information overload1 (10)
Unclear about what was important1 (10)
Lacked motivation/not feeling ready to make decision1 (10)
Lacked ability or skill to make decision1 (10)