Table 1

Summary of variables used in overage and underage cost calculations

Overage costs, $0.48–1.02
 Reprocessing cost, $
  Simple instruments*0.19
  Complex instruments0.43
 Time to reprocess, s
  Simple instruments*38
  Complex instruments86
 MDRD technician hourly wage, $30.00
 Contamination, $0.26
 Probability of contamination, %5
 Duration of time delay, min15.35
 OR time cost per minute, $34.00
 Cost to reprocess tray, $§50
 Depreciation, $0.03–0.33
 Cost of purchase, $30–330
 Designated no. of uses1000
Underage costs, $1.47–1.71
 Peel-packing cost, $
  Simple instruments*0.99
  Complex instruments1.24
 Disposable packaging cost, $0.80
 Picking cost, $0.11
 Time to pick single item, min5.5
 No. of pick list items, mean15
 Retrieval time cost, $0.33
 Probability of occurrence, %11
 RN time to retrieve, min4
 RN hourly wage, $45
  • MDRD = medical device reprocessing department; OR = operating room; RN = registered nurse.

  • * Nonhinge, single-hinge and nonluminal instruments.

  • Multiple-hinge, luminal or sharpness-tested instruments.

  • These data were provided by the accounting department.

  • § Includes substantial fixed overhead costs that are difficult to allocate to a single tray. As such, the value used was based on the literature.7