Table 2

Characteristics of the 11 patients who underwent BHR revision

PatientAge, yr*Cup/head size, mmCup inclinationTime to revision, moReason for revision
 15362/5433.2°160Pseudotumour at 12 yr
 26664/5843.7°56Acetabular cup loosening
 36064/5841.1°105Femoral avascular necrosis with implant subsidence
 46256/5043.1°124Anterior acetabular impingement
 55758/5244.2°48Acetabular cup loosening
 15454/4835.6°110ALVAL/pseudotumour at 2 yr
 26752/4637.5°62Elevated whole-blood metal-ions at 4 yr
 33848/4245.9°78Periprosthetic fracture
 45950/4434.8°108Aseptic femoral loosening
 54148/4237.1°102Aseptic femoral loosening
 63354/4653.8°97Ongoing symptomatology
  • ALVAL = aseptic lymphocyte-dominated vasculitis-associated lesion; BHR = Birmingham hip resurfacing.

  • * Age of the patient at the time of the index surgery.

  • Measurement of the abduction angle on standard anteroposterior radiographs, as described previously by De Haan et al.22