Table 5:

Patient satisfaction with the preoperative surgical experience

Topic; OR type% of patients; degree of agreementp value
Yes, definitelyYes, somewhatNo
There was sufficient information in the presurgery package
 High efficiency84160
Patient was given easy-to-understand presurgery instructions
 High efficiency9280
Surgeon listened carefully to patient
 High efficiency9271
Surgeon spent adequate time with patient
 High efficiency82171
Patient was encouraged to ask questions
 High efficiency81127
Surgeon showed respect for patient’s perspective
 High efficiency9460
Image helped patient to understand procedure
 High efficiency86113
Stress relief*
 High efficiency77203
  • OR = operating room. The standard Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) questionnaire was used.

  • * The patient was made to feel calm and relaxed on the day of their procedure.