Table 1

Pediatric patients with delayed class 1 surgery who died

Patient no.AgeDiagnosisProcedureTime from booking to operating room, hTime from booking to incision, hActive bleedingShockIncreased intracranial pressureTime from operating room to death, d*
12.5 yrMisplaced gastrostomy tubeLaparotomy, gastrostomy revision1.732.20NoNoNo> 730
21.7 yrBurnBurn débridement1.472.22NoYesNo4
30.2 moIntestinal ischemiaLaparotomy, intestinal resection1.051.77NoYesNo20
48.5 yrIntracranial hemorrhageCraniotomy1.031.92YesNoYes39
50 dRuptured liver tumourLaparotomy, temporary abdominal closure1.431.87YesYesNo7
60.7 moNecrotizing enterocolitisLaparotomy2.172.30NoYesNo61
74 moIntestinal perforationLaparotomy, stoma formation1.031.90NoYesNo643
80.2 moCardiac tamponadeRe-exploration of chest, clot evacuation4.144.88NoYesNo10
93.9 yrBrain tumourCraniotomy, tumour biopsy24.00§24.00§NoNoYes594
1014.0 yrIntracranial hemorrhageCraniotomy, hematoma evacuation2.301.77YesYesYes6
113.6 yrImmunodeficiencyIncision and drainage joints1.333.00NoNoNo45
120.1 moMalrotationLaparotomy, intestinal resection1.422.10NoYesNo1
135 moAirway obstructionRigid bronchoscopy1.051.28NoNoNo19
145.0 yrBrain tumourVentriculoperitoneal shunt1.402.00NoNoYes133
155.3 yrTraumatic brain injuryCraniotomy, hematoma evacuation1.082.00YesYesYes> 30
160.3 moNecrotizing enterocolitisLaparotomy2.583.25NoYesNo27
1 moIntestinal perforationLaparotomy3.624.43YesYesNo6
171 moIntestinal perforationLaparotomy1.231.95NoYesNo282
2 moIntestinal perforationLaparotomy, intestinal resection, temporary abdominal closure1.602.52NoYesNo253
9 moUpper gastrointestinal bleedUpper gastrointestinal gastroscopy, VAC change1.471.80YesYesNo44
9 moRetroperitoneal bleedUpper gastrointestinal gastroscopy, variceal sclerotherapy, VAC change1.421.72YesYesNo43
1810 moAbdominal compartment syndromeLaparotomy, intestinal resection1.501.92NoYesNo> 311
  • VAC = vacuum-assisted closure.

  • * If the date of death was not recorded, the date of the last documented encounter was used.

  • Patient had second class 1 operation, with no delay to the operating room, 2 days after first class 1 operation (with delay).

  • Patient had third class 1 operation, with no delay to the operating room, 6 days after second class 1 operation (with delay).

  • § Patient arrived at operating room more than 24 hours from booking, and time was entered as 24 hours. From chart review, it appeared that the patient’s status had changed from initial booking and resulted in delay.