Table 1

Patient and tumour characteristics

CharacteristicPatients with cancer
n = 242
Patients undergoing CPM
n = 69
Patients undergoing BPM
n = 26
 Age, yr, mean5251.449.7
 Female, n2426926
 Size of lesion on imaging, mm,* mean21.67.540
Tumour histology
 DCIS, n4151
 Size of DCIS, mm, mean (range)21.7 (0–85)4.3 (1–9)1
 Invasive cancer, n2011
 Size of invasive cancer, mm, mean (range)16.9 (0–57)1
T stage, n
Nottingham grade, n
Axillary procedure, n
Nodal status, n
 Node positive57/207
 Node negative150/2073/3
Lymphovascular invasion, n
Invasive tumour subtype, n
Median follow-up, mo33.744.1
Neoadjuvant therapy, n
Adjuvant therapy, n
 Radiation therapy70
 Endocrine therapy137
  • ALND = axillary lymph node dissection; BPM = bilateral prophylactic mastectomy; CPM = contralateral prophylactic mastectomy; DCIS = ductal carcinoma in situ; HER2 = human epidermal growth factor receptor 2; HR = hormone receptor; SD = standard deviation; SLNB = sentinel lymph node biopsy.

  • * Largest size modality of imaging was used among ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging and mammogram.